In general, a score report will be sent to the mailing or email address you used when registering for an exam and the school that was identified as a recipient at the time of testing. For specific exams:


Scores for DANTES-funded CLEP & DSST exams are automatically reported to the Joint Service Transcript (JST) for Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel. Passing scores for Air Force personnel are automatically reported to the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). Military members are responsible for reporting scores of self-funded exams to JST or CCAF. 


Student score reports for ACT and SAT administrations at a DANTES Test Site are mailed to the address entered at the time of testing in approximately 2-4 weeks (ACT) and 8 weeks (SAT) after receipt of the answer sheets. Neither ACT nor SAT offer expedited scoring. Students may also view scores online by registering for free accounts on the ACT or College Board (MySAT) website. 

Visit the ACT and SAT websites for information about scoring and reporting when testing at a National or International Test Center. 


Visit the GMAT and GRE websites for scoring and reporting information. 

Visit the GED website for scoring and reporting information. 

For other exams and more information visit