Students must contact the school to register and enroll.

Before enrolling in a course or degree program, students should consider the possibility of receiving credit through the Military Evaluations Program (using the ACE Guide at, and through the DANTES Credit-By-Examination program.  

Many of the SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges at schools also offer contracts-for-degree in which specific use of nontraditional credit is itemized (and usually maximized) for military students.

Before applying to any school, students need to determine if they can meet the school's requirements for course cost, term lengths, delivery modes, student-to-instructor contacts, and testing policies. Students also need to be aware of the school's drop/add date for each course, policies for awarding 'W, F, and I' grades, and all refund policies and dates. Some degree programs require on-campus residency. Students need to be aware of all these details to determine if they can meet all of the school's policies and should enroll in courses with a particular school.