DANTES isn't something that members apply for. DANTES is not a test and does not own any tests or manage scores for tests.We are the Federal Government agency that is authorized by DOD to fund voluntary education support programs and the fees of certain academic exams for military members. 

The programs that DANTES is authorized to support for active military members are funded by the Department of Defense (DoD). Our funding is not tied into the GI Bill which is funded by the Veteran's Administration.

To be eligible to access voluntary education support programs and take the sponsored exams on a DANTES-funded and/or reimbursable basis, members must possess a valid Geneva Conventions "Uniformed Services" Common Access Card (CAC).

Please note that all of the exams that DANTES sponsors are commercially-owned products that members may continue to take after discharge or retirement from active duty service, on a self-funded basis; GED, ACT, SAT, DSST, CLEP, GRE, GMAT and Praxis.