Potential DANTES TCOs, Alternate TCOs (ATCOs), or Interim TCO (ITCOs) must be nominated by your Service headquarters through a nomination package. Detailed instructions are found in the DANTES Examinations Program Handbook (DEPH), which is available via the DANTES Academic Information Management System (DAIMS). 

Potential Test Examiners must be nominated and approved by the current DANTES TCO as outlined in the DEPH. Since DANTES does not appoint Test Examiners, adequate controls must be developed by the Service to minimize the potential for conflict of interest and security breaches. 

Nominated personnel must successfully complete the TCO Training Course in order to become a TCO/ATCO/ITCO or Test Examiner. Appointed personnel must maintain an active account in DAIMS. 

  • DANTES Test Sites located in CONUS must contact the Exams Program: exams@navy.mil for TCO/ATCO/ITCO and Test Examiner nominations. 

DANTES Test Sites located in overseas areas (e.g., Europe, Middle East, etc.), must contact the Service headquarters: usarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.dantes-euro@mail.mil for TCO/ATCO/ITCO and Test Examiner nominations.